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122 Sep-03-2014 Dr. Phil Hesser A "Most Terrible Gale": The Hurricane of 1878, Part 2 Folk Tales & Local History
121 Aug-04-2014 Dr. Phil Hessar A "Most Terrible Gale": The Hurricane of 1878 Folk Tales & Local History
120 Jun-04-2014 Luther Cornish "Life in Colored Families on Taylors Is. and Smithville Years Ago", No. 2 African-American History
119 May-07-2014 Tom Bradshaw Traps and Trapping in South Dorchester Fishing-Hunting & Trapping
118 Apr-02-2014 Terry Crannell Handling Native American Artifacts Native American History
117 Mar-05-2014 Bill Spicer Cambridge Shipyard During WW II Military & Wars
116 Nov-06-2013 Daniel Abbott The First People of Dorchester Native American History
115 Oct-02-2013 Joan Jurkowski The Brooks Family of Dorchester Families, Folk Tales & Local History
114 Sep-04-2013 Frank M. Wright From Omaha Beach to POW Military & Wars
113 Aug-07-2013 William S. Shepard Maryland in the Civil War Military & Wars
112 Jun-05-2013 Warren Saunders Master Carver of Hurlock Arts & Crafts
111 May-01-2013 Jacqueline S. Hedberg Hoopers Island - The First One Hundred Years Folk Tales & Local History
110 Apr-04-2013 Luther Cornish Life in Olden Days & Olden Ways on Tatlors Is & in Smithville African-American History, Folk Tales & Local History
109 Mar-20-2013 Betsy Malkus Frederick C. Malkus: Tales from Close to the Vest Notables & Famous
108 Feb-04-2013 Pickering Creek Audubon Ctr The Salt Marshes of Dorchester County Fishing-Hunting & Trapping
107 Nov-07-2012 Jeff Hubbard Mason Dixon Line Folk Tales & Local History
106 Sep-05-2012 Harold (Skip) Miller Hunting the Wild Turkey – Do's and Don'ts Fishing-Hunting & Trapping
105 Jun-06-2012 Shenton Family Milton M. Shenton – The Man and His Stories Families, Military & Wars
104 May-02-2012 Herschel Johnson History of the Stanley Institute African-American History, Schools
103 Apr-04-2012 Dr. Phil Hesser Wall Street on the Transquaking- A bestpitch Heir and His Fortune Folk Tales & Local History
102 Mar-07-2012 Lynne Mills Crocheron & Bishops Head – Past and Present Folk Tales & Local History
101 Feb-01-2012 David (Nicky) Henry Pine Street History African-American History, Community
100 Nov-02-2011 Judge Ray Beck Community Values, the Heart of Dorchester & Safeguards for Future Community
99 Oct-05-2011 Shirley Jackson Country Colored Schools in the 1900s African-American History, Schools
98 Sep-07-2011 LtC. Charles Kohler Two Centuries of Neighbors Protecting Neighbors Military & Wars