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DVD# Datesort descending Name Title Category (tags)
66 Aug-01-2007 Claude Gootee Trade Bills -- Revealing Dorchester History Commerce
67 Sep-05-2007 George M. Radcliffe Senator Radcliffe's Mystery Middle Name Notables & Famous
68 Oct-03-2007 John Wennersten The Almighty Oyster: Food, Fighting, and Sensibility Industry
69 Feb-20-2008 Michael Twitty The Food Culture of Enslaved Afro-Marylanders African-American History
70 Mar-05-2008 Terry Crannell Archeologocal Clues to Dorchester's Past Archeological
71 Mar-12-2008 David Smith Agriculture, The Environment, Our Food, and Sustainability Commerce
72 Apr-01-2008 Steele Phillips Agriculture in Dorchester Past, Present, and Future Commerce
73 May-06-2008 Deanna Marshall Old School Baptist Church of Woolford Churches
74 Jun-04-2008 Del. Addie Eckardt Forgotten Politics - No Breaks for the Eastern Shore Community
76 Aug-06-2008 Claude Gootee The News From Holland Island, Stories About the Long-Ago - Folk Tales & Local History
75 Aug-06-2008 Various Ron Rue Exhibit Dedication Arts & Crafts
77 Sep-03-2008 Donald Willey Anchor of Hope Cemetery Graveyards
78 Oct-01-2008 Charles Marshall Cambridge Regattas Nautical
79 Nov-05-2008 Tommy Gootee The Gootee Family of Golden Hill Families, Fishing-Hunting & Trapping
80 Feb-04-2009 John Lewis & Jim Lewis John Lewis Store - A College of Knowledge Folk Tales & Local History
81 Apr-01-2009 Philip Jackson Hunting and Trapping - Dorchester Traditions - Past and Present Fishing-Hunting & Trapping
82 May-06-2009 Jacqui Hedberg Barren Island and the Flowers Family Families
83 Aug-05-2009 David Lewis & Midge Ingersol Handsell - Saving History Folk Tales & Local History
84 Sep-02-2009 Rev. Robert Gribbon Old Trinity - 1692 and Today Churches
85 Nov-04-2009 Bill Foxwell Musical Traditions of South Dorchester Music
86 Feb-03-2010 David Owens Roscoe Leonard-1st WWI Fatality in Dorchester Military & Wars
87 May-05-2010 Scott Todd Restoration of the Lady Katie Skipjack Nautical
88 Jun-02-2010 Jack Brooks History of the Oyster & Crab Industry in Dorchester Industry
89 Jul-07-2010 Jim Clark Between Ocean and Bay - A Photographic Record Arts & Crafts
90 Aug-04-2010 Brice Stump Unusual Tombstones in Dorchester County Graveyards