President’s Message

South Dorchester Folk Museum - 2022 highlights

The full schedule of programs featured local voices talking about community challenges and history, discovery and preservation of heritage. We learned about the Dorchester soldiers who went as far away as New York in defense of the United States. Those Dorchester soldiers had a crucial role in saving the troops of George Washington following the Battle of Brooklyn with the withdrawal of the troops under General Washington and therefore had a crucial role in our independence from Great Britain. We learned about Harriet Tubman's life and the things written about her. We heard of the challenges facing an Historic African American Church and  cemetery. The challenges are well known to. those with cemetery graves as well in former homeplace settings.

And how do you preserve? Community heritage. The answer is the community has to come together to help do that. And the South Dorchester Folk Museum is an amazing example of that, of the people who volunteer to come and talk, to share their experiences and their unique knowledge of community and history.

We were fortunate to have reserves that have been set aside for our Scholarship Award and this year in May two awards of $1,500 were made with the funds deposited to the recipient’s college financial office. The South Rochester Folk Museum is not only about recording talks, but it's also about helping the next generation to fulfill their dreams and use their talents to become college graduates who. In many cases, will come back and serve as their parents have in the communities they came from.

2022 highlights

March ……………   Rev. Dan Dunlop, Sam Jones Store, Church Creek.

April ………………  Randolph Williams, Restoration of the Martha Lewis

May………………   Phil Hesser, Harriet Tubman, her Eastern Shore Story

June ----------------- Terry Crannell, Chacone - New finds of ancient First American artifacts.

August…………… Jim Adkins, Dorchester Soldiers in the American Revolution.

September………. George M. Radcliffe, Jr. The Radcliffe Family Legacy

October …………..Renna McKinney, The Malone Cemetery of Madison

November ……… Annual Dinner, Boots and Hoses Madison.

Lynne Schulman, President