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South Dorchester Folk Museum 
P. O. Box 181 
Church Creek, MD 21622 
Telephone 410-228-6175



Oral History recordings are available from the files of the South Dorchester Folk Museum. Copies may be ordered direct from an officer of SDFM, through the Dorchester County Historical Society at 410-228-7953, by contacting John S. Neild, Jr. (see this letterhead), or by mail order to SDFM, P. O. Box 181, Church Creek, MD 21622.

Sale price for a DVD will be $20.00 each plus $1.20 State Sales Tax. Shipping and handling costs will be added (approximately $6.80 by Priority Mail) if shipping is requested. 
Note: VHS format may be available for some recordings, at the same price. 
Allow at least 2 weeks from time of order until delivery. 

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