The Nearly-Forgotten History of Church Creek - Speaker – Rev. Dan Dunlap

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - 7:00pm

Today’s passerby could hardly be faulted for seeing the town of Church Creek as a collection of residences near a crossroads with a post office. But the story of Church Creek is typical of many nearly forgotten communities on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and one that is worth telling. Predating Cambridge, the town of Church Creek grew rich with its shipyards, fisheries, and canneries, drawing on its resources of white pine, abundance of fine oysters, and fertile soil,
reaching its peak population of 400 in 1900. The twentieth century was not kind to the town, as timber resources dwindled, and the cannery industry collapsed.

Join us on September 4, when Rev. Dunlap will recall the days when the community boasted handsome churches, a successful sawmill, a fruit and vegetable canning house, a blacksmith, a druggist, a physician and five general stores. Learn about the history behind this crossroads on the creek – a history that continues to draw people with a love of the past to the community today.