President’s Message

President’s Message – January 2018

As we start year 2018, the 18th year of the South Dorchester Folk Museum (SDFM), I find myself writing to you as President Emeritus. I'm happy to report that SDFM is healthy and continuing its mission to help preserve the history of the South Dorchester County area. To date, we have recorded 147 lectures by people familiar with this area and its history, and have made those recordings available to the public.

Our new President, Jay Harrington, has experienced a change of ownership of his insurance business as well as family obligations that are taking most of his time. He has asked for a leave of absence until this summer, and hopes to resume his duties at SDFM at that time. In the meantime, our Vice President, Terry Crannell, is ably assuming the duties of President.

Another area where we would welcome a volunteer is the office of SDFM Secretary. Our current Secretary, Lynne Mills, has taken on the time consuming job of Treasurer for the Dorchester County Historical Society, and has asked to be relieved of her job of Secretary for SDFM. We would be very grateful if one of our members would agree to fill this vacancy.

In this newsletter, you will see that our 2018 schedule of speakers has been filled through June. On February 7th, you will be treated to a talk about the history of religious organizations in this country, and especially the history of the Old Trinity Church near Church Creek. Pastor Dan Dunlap, the Rector of Old Trinity, is a history scholar and well able to present this subject in a very interesting way. In March, Roger Webster will talk will talk about his Webster Grocery Store on Race Street in Cambridge, probably the oldest such business still operating in Dorchester County. And there are more interesting speakers later, so keep tuned.

We have found that the best suggestions for speakers come from our members, so please tell us about any person or subject you think may be of interest. We will follow up on your suggestions and try to make it a program.

Another college scholarship will be awarded by SDFM in 2018, to a student residing in South Dorchester who has attended and graduated from the South Dorchester Pre-K through 8 school. Our thanks go to Mary Beth Adams for managing this scholarship program for us. If you would like to financially support this scholarship program, your contribution will be appreciated and tax-deductible.

I encourage you to plan to attend our "free" lecture programs in 2018, on the 1st Wednesdays of most months.

Your active membership is the main financial support we receive, and make our efforts to preserve the history of Lower Dorchester County possible. Please join SDFM if you are not a member.

Have a healthy and happy New Year.

John S. "Pat" Neild, Jr., President Emeritus