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The War of 1812 began June 19, 1812 
when President Madison declared war on Great Britain. The War ended February 17, 1815 when the United States and Britain exchanged signed ratifications of the Treaty of Ghent. 

The Chesapeake and its communities were a battleground. Over the entire course of the War, there were blockades, raids, and attacks on coastal villages and towns. The War was fought across Dorchester County, and was especially hard felt in the isolated watermen villages and farms that, are South Dorchester.

The Battle of Ice Mound took place just off the coast of Taylors Island and the cannon captured in that engagement is known as the Becky Phipps. It is displayed on Route 16 at the Slaughter Creek Bridge with a Historic Marker.  The United States Congress in a special Act of Congress honored the service of the 48th Militia in this battle, the last on the Chesapeake. 

This project  honors our 1812    ancestors. We  salute what  they  did, and  the hardships they endured to protect their  families, their neighbors, and their  still-new country. Over the next  several years, as we look toward the 200th anniversary, the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, an  1812 veteran’s marker will be placed at the grave of each identified hero-citizen


The South Dorchester Folk Museum is undertakeing  the needed research and will arrange for a War of 1812 emblem to be placed at the graveside in ceremonies to which descendants and the community will be invited.

The research about the veterans will be collected and made available through local libraries to remember those who served Dorchester County so long ago and who should not be forgotten today. 

The first ceremony of commemoration was held on Sunday, May 27, 2007. More than 65 people attended include the Maryland Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The veterans of the War of 1812 were honored with the presentation of grave makers, remarks by their descendants, and a two cannon salute over the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  15 Star American flags – the Star Spangled Banner these veterans fought for and under, were distributed to participants to help them remember this special day.

On Sunday September 2, the second ceremony of commemoration was held in honor of those veterans of the War of 1812 buried at Grace Church and at Bethlehem Church. .

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 Lynne Schulman
Program Manager, SDFM

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