WELCOME !! - to the all new redesigned  South Dorchester Folk Museum WEB site. We think you will find the new design easier to use and more informative and up to date. Parts of it are still "under construction" and there may be some bugs that need extermination, so please be patient -- we are working on it.

What's New?

Redesigned DVD Listings page

  • Click on the DVD# column heading.to list the DVDs in ascending or descending order 
  • Click on the Name or Title column heading to list in alphabetical order
  • Select SEARCH and enter key word or phrase to find DVD of interest.
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Expanded Schedule page to see the 12 month schedule for the current year

New Links page to make it easy to connect to our "Friends"

And NEW NEW -- a SDFM Facebook page -- Check it out on the Links Tab                                      


The South Dorchester Folk Museum was created to preserve the heritage and history of the southern areas of Dorchester County, Maryland. In cooperation with the Dorchester County Historical Society, the Folk Museum arranges and sponsors programs on traditions and the history of the southern part of Dorchester County. The monthly programs are generally held at the Robbins Heritage Center of the Dorchester County Historical Society, 1003 Greenway Drive, Cambridge, MD. The public is always invited to attend.


>> South Dorchester Folk Museum is a NON-PROFIT, tax exempt organization under Section 501 ( c ) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-exempt to the full extent of the law.<<



New Web Site

I am pleased to announce...

Our brand new web site! Dun dun dun!

This new site is built on the Drupal framework (really fancy stuff) so that as we grow, we can add incredible interactivity and functionality to it.. things that will give you, our viewers, a better experience.

We hope you come visit us again and again, to learn about the lands around you, and to watch our web presence develop, bringing distant history into the age of technology.

The designer of the site, Jamie Crannell, volunteers a lot of time providing tech services and photography to the cause. You can find some very interesting stuff on his own web site, LifeOnTheShore.com, and if you have any technical questions or issues with this site, you can get in touch with him at www.crannellweb.com/get-in-touch/